Tonic And Gin sing with Sonos at Jammin Java

We are so excited about this, we're taking over our main page for it! We have been invited by the folks at Jammin Java to join them for a night of amazing music. The night begins with us, doing what we do best! We'll be singing some classics, and might even throw in a never before heard song! But that's just the beginning. We warm the stage for an amazing group out of California called Sonos! Sonos is, of course, latin for "cry out" or "sing" - and boy do they sing! The co-ed Sextet's style can only be described as a reinvention of all the great music we know and love. From singing Radiohead and Sara Bareilles to Rufus Wainwright and Björk, their arrangments and original sound are intriguing fans all over the country. Check them out on Myspace and Youtube, and then come see them with us at Jammin Java this Saturday! Hope to see you there!

Who We Are

We are Tonic and Gin, Washington, D.C. Acappella Music at its finest. Thank you for stopping by our site. To book Tonic & Gin for an event, call (202) 841-6707 or e-mail If you'd like to join our mailing list, drop us an e-mail!

In the spring of 2004, a group of musicians-at-heart gathered together in the hopes of creating a new, fresh mix of voices. What evolved from that first meeting was a collection of six singers ready to take on the DC acappella scene. Rehearsals began, gigs presented themselves, and the group began to mesh.  After endless discussions about what to call ourselves it finally hit us ­ Tonic & Gin!  A perfect name that exemplified not only the musicality of the group ("tonic" is the first note of a musical scale), but the fun spirit and nature of its members.

Today, Tonic & Gin continues on as a vibrant co-ed group dedicated to sharing a wide variety of music with intriguing arrangements, amazing soloists, and a whole lot of fun! We perform at a variety of venues and for an array of different occasions, public and private.